Alan Jacobs -


Alan Jacobs

Education: University of Illinois;
University of Chicago;
Art Institute of Chicago.
Clinical Training: Transactional Analysis, Haimowitz and Haimowitz 1971-'72
Clinical Teaching & Supervising: Transactional Analysis: Jerry White Ph. D., Claude Steiner Ph.D., Jon Weiss Ph.D., 1973-76
Psychodrama Training: Zerka Moreno, MORENO INSTITUTE, Beacon, NY., 1970-'71, 1973-'74.
Family Therapy Training: Karl Willrich, Ph.D., FOREST HOSPITAL, Des Plaines, IL., Family Therapy Team, 1969-'70.
Professional certification:
Certified Clinical Member, International Transactional Analysis Association,
Certified Teaching Member, International Transactional Analysis Association clinical teaching and supervision)
Professional experience:
Private Practice, Group, Individual and Family Therapy Practice and Training. Mar.'71 - present.
St. Leonard's House, Chicago, IL. Director of Training: halfway house for men just out of prison; two heroin addiction programs. Sept. '70 - Mar.'71.
Lincoln Park Therapy Collective, Chicago, IL. (Founder). Organized community and trained therapists into free psychotherapy and "growth" oriented groups... approx. 20 per week.
Forest Hospital, Des Plaines, IL., Art Therapy, Group Therapy, Therapist-ICU, Family Therapy Team, Staff Trainer (Psychodrama and Community Development), Jun.'60 - Sep.'70.
Eisenberg Unit (Jewish Children's Bureau), Chicago, IL., Child Care Worker, Nov.'65 - Feb.'68.
Consulting, Organizational:
Mostly medium sized companies. A few large ones, including US Army, Texaco, Lucent Technologies.
Improved intellectual and emotional communication, role development, prejudice and racism.
Consulting, Mental Health:
YMCA Youth Outreach, National Training Center, Chicago, IL.
Dede Wallace Community Mental Health Center, Memphis, Tenn.
Greater Columbus Area Mental Health Center, Columbus, Ohio.
Goodwill Industries, Group Psychotherapy and Research Project (Transactional Analysis and Rogerian), Chicago, IL.
Consulting, Psychiatric:
Clark Institute of Psychiatry, Toronto, Canada
Forest Hospital, Social Therapy Program, Des Plaines, IL.
Vilnius Psychoneurologic Hospital, Lithuania
Consulting, Prisons:
Federal Penitentiary ASKLEPIEION Therapeutic Community, Marion, IL.
Federal Correction Institution, ASKLEPIEION T.C., Oxford, WI.
Federal Reformatory, El Reno, OK.
State Reformatory, St. Cloud, MN.
James River Correctional Institution, ASKLEPIEION T.C., Richmond, VA.
Metropolitan Correctional Institution, Chicago, IL.
(These prisons, with the exception of James River, are maximum security facilities)
Marion, IL. replaced Alcatraz in 1964. Average sentence in community was 24 years. In ten years of graduating men to the street, less than 12% returned to prison, a record.
Prison System of the Netherlands, ( Upper level rehab. and treatment staff), Oldenkotte, Netherlands, 1981.
Consulting, Police Aspen, CO., Police Dept.
Pitken County Sheriff, Aspen, CO.
Teaching: Purdue University, Ft. Wayne, IN., 1973.
University of Oklahoma, Graduate School of Social Work, Norman, OK., 1974,'75.
Wright College, (Adult Education), Chicago, IL., 1973-'75
University of Louisville, Kent School of Social Work, 1976,'77.
Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow, Poland, 1981.
University of Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, 1980.
St. Petersburg Transactional Analysis Institute (Russia) 1995
Lithuanian Transactional Analysis Seminar (Vilnius) 1995
Vilnius, Lithuania Psychoneurological Hospital 1995, 1996, 1998
INITA Summer Academy, Gotttingen , Germany 1997
Workshops, Clinical: Human Growth and Development,
Diagnosis and Treatment of Emotional Disorders,
Clinical Supervision of Working Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychotherapists,
T.A. and Psychodrama a Synthesis,
Diagnosis and Treatment of Character Disorders,
Diagnosis and Treatment of Schizophrenia,
Art Therapy in Script Analysis,
Power and Mind Control in Psychotherapy,
in over forty cities in U.S., Canada, Mexico and several countries in Europe, including Germany and Russia.
Workshops, General: Communication Skills;
Diversity Training
Team Building;
Intellectual & Emotional Aspects of Organizational Communication;
How Transactional Analysis Social Theory Can Be Used in Organizations;
Psychodramatic Techniques as Learning and Training Tools;
Say What You Mean or You'll Show It With Games;
Autocratic Power, Organizational Nationalism;
Star Power;
Abuse of power: political, organizational, family;
Police Officer Safety.
Published Articles: See:
Scientific Awards: Eric Berne Memorial Award 1996 for theory: Transactional Analysis And Social Applications ( for body of work)
Editing Print:
Editorial Board: Transactional Analysis Journal 1987-1990, 1991-1994; 1994-1995
Guest Editor: Transactional Analysis Journal: Jan. '95, "Transactional Analysis & Social Application"
Associate Editor: Transactional Analysis Journal 1998-present
Editor: TAJnet (Transactional Analysis Jurnal Internet) 1998-present
Editor: IDEA, a Journal of Social Issues 1996-present
Editor: TAJnet ( an organ of the Transactional Analysis Journal) 1998-present
Editorial Board: H- Holocaust (H-Net mailing list) H-NET List for History of the Holocaust 1998-present -
Editor: Cybrary of the Holocaust 1997-present -
Associate: Center for Contemporary Genocide Studies, School of History, Philosophy, and Politics, Maquarie University, Sydney, Australia 1998-present
Photo Exhibitions: Auschwitz-Birkenau
Film Production: Directed, wrote, produced multi-media and film: "A Place of Birches".
Travelled extensively in Europe and Middle East interviewing camp survivors.
Major themes and goals:
1. What did day-to-day existence require?
2. Put people watching film "in" the camp.
3. Moral dilemma endured and how inmates resolved them?
4. Lessons for the future?
Athletic Achievements: Track and Field:Tied American record 70 yd. dash (7.0), 1956; Most Valuable Athlete twice U.I.C., once U. of C.; Captain U. of C.; National AAU Junior Champion 60 yd dash; Two NCAA silver medals, 100 & 220; Best times: 100 (9.4); 220 (20.6). Central AAU Champion eight times; Relay team won Several US and Canadian Championships, Winner: Bond Medal, U.of C 1957.
Skeet: Illinois 12 Gauge Championship team, 1973
Special Interests: Painting, sculpture, long distance cycling.
Organizations: International Transactional Analysis Association
Board of Trustees (3 terms)
Chpsn. Grievance Committee
Chpsn. Social Action Committee
Public & Professional Info Committee
Prisoners' Rights Committee
Long Range Policy and Planning Committee
Training Standards Committee
Eastern Regional Transactional Analysis Association
United States Transactional Analysis Association
European Association for Transactional Analysis
Chicago TA Institute
(former director)